The connotation and culture of animal mascots

The mascot is the original human culture formed in the struggle between primitive humans and nature. In this struggle with nature, human beings first take survival as the center, and in the course of development, naturally formed the instinct of seeking good fortune and expending evil spirits. Mascots are actually images created by combining people’s emotional desires with real things.

In fact, our ancestors created many animal mascots symbol to pray for the success of all things. These yearning and pursuit of happiness and beauty are the earliest products of human spirit and culture, and they represent the history and culture of many years.

We now refer to any animal or object that can bring good luck. Or anything used to represent a group of public things, such as a school, professional sports team, military, or brand name. Some animal mascots have also been used as fictional consumer product spokesmen, such as the rabbit used in advertising and marketing for Trix, the General Mills breakfast cereal brand.

bronze eagle sculpture

Bronze Eagle Sculpture

sitting cat man sculpture

Sitting Cat Man Sculpture

animal mascot bull statue

What are the animal mascots?

The mascot is a symbol of national culture, which reflects the historical development, cultural concepts, ideologies, and social background of the host country from all levels. It conveys the world outlook and values of different countries and plays an important role in the communication of sports, politics, economy, and culture.

Many countries have animal mascots that represent them. For example, when you think of kangaroos, you think of Australia, and when you think of pandas, you think of China. These animals are the national symbols and mascots. South Korea’s mascot is the Taichi Tiger, America’s mascot is the eagle, the mascot of Spain is the bull, Germany’s mascot is the stork…

Of course, these lovely animal mascots are also made into large numbers of sculptures, so that they can bring good luck for you anytime and anywhere. Aongking sculpture has a variety of animal mascot sculptures, no matter which country you want or your own mascot, we can be customized for you.

The types of animal mascots

1. Sports mascots. Many sports teams in the United States have official mascots, sometimes a person in a sports uniform or sometimes an animal. The original Chicago Cubs, for example, adopted a bear as their mascot in 1908. In the United States, sports mascots are often used to help market their teams to younger audiences, especially children and toddlers.

2. Corporate mascots. Animal mascots are common in the corporate world. You know the Chester Cheetah, the Keebler Elf, Mickey Mouse, the Coca-Cola Bear, and NBC’s Peacock. These characters don’t even need to mention a company or brand. Mascots can serve as brand ambassadors in places where advertising is not allowed. For example, many company mascots can participate in non-profit events, or sporting events, to promote their brand among an entertaining crowd. Some animal mascots are simply cartoon or virtual mascots that will appear in person in public at trade shows or events.

lion mascot sculpture

Lion Mascot Sculpture

hey reb

Hey Reb

bronze bear of Brown University

Bronze Bear Of Brown University

Billy Bluejay Statue

Billy Bluejay Statue

3. School mascots. American high schools, colleges, and even middle and elementary schools have mascots. When you walk into a university, you can clearly see its animal mascot sculpture in the small courtyard. Place it in the most obvious open space. Like the statue of Billy the Blue Jays at Creighton University. The bears of Brown University, the bulldogs of Yale University, etc. Today, most of the school mascot is the cartoon characters played by students, they appear at sporting events alumni party and other campus activities. The mascot represents the culture of the school, shows the features of the style of the school, but also lets the students in sports and other large activities, face-to-face with a sense of belonging and sense of honor.

Of course, not all schools have animals as their mascots. For example, the mascot of the UNLV Rebels, the University of Nevada sports team in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, is Hey Reb! the mascot of Michigan State University is Sparty. If you want the mascot sculptures of other schools, we can also customize them for you.

4. International Mascot. International mascots are mainly used for the Olympic Games and World Expos. It is usually an animal designed by the host country of the current Olympic Games. Animal mascots are used to attract spectators and bring joy and excitement to the Olympic celebrations.

Placing of animal mascots

The animal mascots in the general school will be placed in the most conspicuous position in the school, such as just entered the school gate. This placement can be seen by more people and can also bring more good luck to the school, such as attracting more students.

Some stores will also put some animal mascot sculptures at the door, meaning that money is rolling in. Attract more customers to patronize your store. For example, placing a sculpture of Mickey Mouse with his outstretched hand in front of the store will attract many customers to take photos with Mickey Mouse.

bronze long hair mascot lion statue

Bronze Long Hair Mascot Lion Statue

The pursuit of happiness in life is a common aspiration. We all want our lives to grow like sesame seeds, so we buy signs to display them. So, you can also put your favorite animal mascots in your home, garden. Let them bring you more luck.

No matter what kind of animal mascot sculpture you want, we can meet your needs. Whether it is a birthday, Christmas, or any special occasion, sculpture can be the perfect gift for family members, children, lovers, and friends to leave them with rich memories and imagination. If you are not satisfied with the design or size, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible to solve your problem.