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Customized Art Shop Good Sale White Marble Polar Bear Sculpture for Outdoor

polar bear sculpture
Description: Do you know polar bears? The polar is a kind of animal living in the Arctic Pole, many people love its beautiful white skin and very cute appearance. For your love of polar bears, we have made this marble polar bear sculpture for you. As you can see, this sculpture describes a polar bear mother with its kid relaxing here, which has a lifelike posture and vivid expression, manifesting the real beauty of the polar bear to you. If you want to get a decoration for the park, this will be the best one for you.
NO.: Stone-Animal (Mh707)

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How to protect endangered animals?

Have you ever seen the sight of polar bears being made homeless by melting glaciers? Have you ever seen a picture of a polar bear that is scrawny and hungry because it has no food to eat? When you look at these pictures. Your heart is very painful. Your kindness will be aroused. And you will want to use your meager power to protect them. We can not live without animals, animals for our life to bring endless fun. First of all, the protection of endangered animals should start from ideological and educational work. Strengthen the social public’s recognition of the protection of endangered animals. Let more people form a consensus on the idea. So that is conducive to the development of endangered animal protection work. We can choose an endangered animal sculpture here. So that, the animal can be directly displayed in front of more people. Directly arousing everyone’s desire for protection. Through the custom-made endangered animal sculpture. Like our polar bear sculpture. And, carry on the endangered animal protection ideological education to the people, this can play the double result with half the effort.

inner polar bear statue

inner polar bear statue

How much do you know about endangered animals?

The polar bear is an endangered animal. Endangered animals refer to animals due to overfishing and poaching. There is a high probability that the wild population will be extinct in the near future. Due to environmental damage, scarce population, and narrow habitat. The extinction of a key species can disrupt the local food chain, destabilize the ecosystem, and may eventually lead to the collapse of the entire ecosystem. Endangered animals are those that are likely to become extinct. Many species are listed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, which is the second most severely protected status of any species in the wild under the IUCN framework, after Critically Vulnerable (CR). Endangered animals are precious, irreplaceable, and renewable natural resources. It is maintaining the ecological balance. It plays an important role in promoting economic development and meeting our growing material and cultural needs. We can understand from the endangered animal sculpture. Take a look at our polar bear sculpture. We also have many other bear sculptures. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us.

The polar bear statue

The polar bear sculpture

Visualization of finished marble animal sculpture:

Show more finished animal clay art statues works:

shipping stone sculpture

shipping stone sculpture

Packing Of Stone Sculpture :

Firstly: Outside wooden in 3CM standard. Inside in plastic or foam.

b. Thick soft foam. Double strong rope fixed inside and outside of the packaging, to effectively prevent the goods from damage.

Customized Experience Of Stone Animal Sculptures:
First of all, As a professional animal nature stone sculpture factory. We can custom made all kinds of products of animals.

Secondly, here, you can find a variety of animals crafts. And, find the most comprehensive animal knowledge of customized.

Visual Customized Service – Process Of Marble Animal Statues:
1.Direct Carving ( Or, Create a 1:1 unique model depends on the confirmed design or from you ).
2.Show animal pictures or videos of the details of the sculpture to you. If need modify. We will modify the details.
3.Polishing for the animal sculptures. Take pictures or videos to yourself.
4.Standard professional package for animal statues.
5.Shipping the sculptures animal by sea or others. (Or, you can shipping packages by your agency) .
6.Waiting for your comment …



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We show more completed clay artwork stateus works.

animals clay sculpture

We visualization of animal sculpture production process.

Aongking Sculpture Case Show

  • Casting ” lost Wax “.

  • Finished animal statues more than 10000 + pieces.

  • Main Decoration Site: Garden, Public Street, Shopping Centre, Zoological Park…

  • You Name Animal, We Can Create Animal Statue.

animal sculptures

animal sculptures

approval of animal statues 20200

installation of sculpture

  1. Free installation base for you.
  2. Simple, easy for yourself.
  3. Guard against theft. And, select multiple base for sculpture.
  4. Suitable for multiple scenarios.
  5. On the other hand, large sculptures, support on – site installation services.
In short, apply to many scenarios. For example, residential. Restaurants, municipalities. Park & recreation departments. Libraries, resorts, catering halls. In addition, commercial buildings, parks. Moreover, zoos, tourist attractions. Lawn & garden decor. And, any decorative facility.

Customized Experience :

First of all, we can custom made all kinds of products of animal.

Secondly, you can find a variety of animals art design on here. And, find the most comprehensive animal knowledge of sculpture. For example: Sea lion statue.

Visual Customized Service And Process:

1. Firstly, we can create 1:1 unique clay-mold depends on the design of animal. Likewise, size or your logo.
2. Secondly, we show pictures or videos of the clay mold to you. If any details need to be fixed. We will modify it till you satisfaction.
3. Further, casting bronze statue depends on this clay mold. And, if you need. We can take the pictures of animal’s bronze statue for you. ( For example, wax mold, sand shell, welding… ).
4. Furthermore, polishing, cleaning the surface of bronze. And, patina color for the sculpture. Likewise, take pictures or video to you.
5. Standard professional package for you. ( Use wooden box or iron box. Even more).
6. Finally, shipping the sculptures animal by sea or others. ( Support shipping packages by your agency or you).
7. Waiting for your comment…