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Mirror Polishing Large Art Animal Jumping Metal Horse Sculpture

metal horse sculpture
Description: A point can constitute a line, a line can constitute a surface, and a surface can constitute a solid. This very vivid standing metal horse sculpture is finished with the design of a stainless steel geometric surface. Every inch of skin on his body uses a multi-faceted design to make the horse three-dimensional. Its two front legs bend its tail and hang down naturally. This metal horse sculpture can become a landmark of a park if you want to put one in your garden. Aongking can customize it according to the size you want.
NO.: SS-Animal (S12)
MATERIAL: STAINLESS STEEL (#304 / #316 / #316L)

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There are metal horse sculptures in parks and squares

Horse sculptures are becoming more and more popular. Horses strike us as gentle and easy to handle. There are metal horse sculptures in parks and squares. These horse sculptures can be viewed quietly. The fact that horse sculptures can be handed down up to now shows that horse culture has a long history. Horse in the middle of history, reputation is very good, high status, and symbolic significance is very strong.

Aongking specializes in the production of horse sculptures. Aongking Animal Team’s metal horse sculpture can not only be an ornament in your home but also a very collectible piece of art. Aongking Animal Team has many horse sculptures for sale here waiting for you to choose from. The image created by the group of horses sculpture has been deeply loved by people with its Pentium momentum.

Customized Attractive Modern Metal Standing Horse Stainless Steel Sculpture

Customized Attractive Modern Metal Standing Metal Horse Sculpture

Nowadays, the horse has become a kind of spirit and achieved the charm with a long history

The spirit of horse sculpture is loyalty, nobility, gallop, and unconquerable. The verve of the horse is a kind of epic of dedication and beauty in the history of the horse sharing life and death with mankind. You know that horses gallop out of the dust and smoke of ancient battlefields. For thousands of years, the horse has experienced the baptism of blood and fire with its own strength and sincerity. With the development of human beings, the horse has become a kind of spirit and achieved the charm with a long history.

The horse sculpture is of great significance. A good life-size metal horse sculpture is not only a good decoration but also a piece of art worth collecting. Choose a good horse sculpture at Aongking. Whether you want to display it in your garden or in the square, we can find the most suitable horse sculpture here. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact Aongking Animal Team.

Horse metal sculpture antique

Horse metal sculpture antique

Question 1: What material is the metal horse sculpture made of, and how durable is it?

Answer 1: The metal horse sculpture is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring both durability and resistance to corrosion. The use of premium materials guarantees a long lifespan, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Question 2: Can you customize the size or color of the metal horse sculpture to fit my specific preferences?

Answer 2: Certainly! Aongking offers customization options for both size and color to meet your preferences. You can choose from a range of sizes to suit your space, and we provide a variety of finishes to match your desired color scheme. Please feel free to share your specifications, and we will tailor the sculpture to your liking.

Question 3: Can you provide the dimensions and weight of the statue? I want to ensure it fits perfectly in my garden and is manageable for installation.

Answer 3: Certainly! The metal horse sculpture stands at 3 meters in height, 1.3 meters in width, and has a depth of 0.8 meters. As for the weight, it is approximately 500 kilograms. These dimensions make it an elegant and substantial piece for any altar or sacred space.

Visualization of the animal sculpture production process

1. Showing the details drawing / 3D mold for your confirmation.
2. Making exact structures according to drawing / your photos/ 3D mold.
3. Cover the stainless steel plate on existing structures.
4. Welding and polishing the surface.
5. Stand up and take all different views pictures/ videos, show them to you.
6. Packing into the iron box after you are satisfied with the sculptures.

stainless steel animals sculpture

stainless steel garden animals sculpture

Style of Installation of animal statues:
option 1> Making metal tubes under animal sculptures. It’s pouring into concrete.
option 2> Screw steel animal on the ground with a screw.
option 3>A iron frame under the metal animals sculpture, and so on.

stainless steel animals sculpture install style

package and shipping for animal sculptures

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