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Large Popular Marble Sitting Outdoor Shocked Stone Lion Statues

shocked stone lion statue
Description: The lion is the most common auspicious animal. It is the embodiment of wisdom and strength. It not only has auspicious, prosperity, the moral of life and growth, but also symbolizes status, dignity, and peace. Look at our shocked stone lion statues. This is a sculpture of a surprised lion. He opened his mouth in surprise, and even his babies looked surprised. You can imagine what they saw. The surprise of the lion was the same as that of a man. These shocked stone lion statues are perfect for outdoor places. You can also put them in your garden.
NO.: Stone-Animal (M1018)

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As a kind of architectural decoration, lion sculptures are mostly used in palaces, temples, and doorways of the residences of high officials, nobles, and rich businessmen. In modern times, the lion sculpture is generally placed at the door of some shops. You can also choose to have large outdoor lion statues in your home. A pair of bronze lion sculptures are placed in front of the door, imposing and fierce. It became the guardian of the bridge in front of his door. It is a symbol of power and dignity. Our shocked stone lion statues are not only magnificent in appearance and plain in casting. But also a kind of clever beauty. If you’re looking for a large lion sculpture for your garden, front door, or square, take a look at our shocked stone lion statues. Our large outdoor lion statues are suitable for any large space. Aongking can also select the most suitable lion sculpture for you according to the location you provide. Give you the best help. Welcome to contact Aongking.

shocked stone lion statue 2

Shocked Stone Lion Statue 2

In conclusion, shocked stone lion statues in decorative arts offer a refreshing and unique take on traditional symbolism. The juxtaposition of a surprised expression with the traditionally powerful and majestic image of a lion adds layers of meaning, making these statues not only aesthetically pleasing but also thought-provoking. Whether used in gardens, entranceways, or interior spaces, these statues invite viewers to contemplate the unexpected, infusing spaces with a sense of wonder and intrigue.

shocked stone lion statue

shocked stone lion statue

Question 1: What is the size and weight of the shocked stone lion statue?

Answer 1: The shocked stone lion statue stands at 1.6 meters tall, and 0.8 meters wide and weighs approximately 500 kg. This size is carefully chosen to make it a standout piece in your space without being overly bulky. The weight is substantial enough for stability but manageable for easy placement and relocation.

Question 2: Are there any customization options available for the lion sculpture, such as different finishes or base materials?

Answer 2: Currently, Aongking Animal Team offers the sculpture in its standard design and finish. However, we can discuss customization options based on your preferences. Please contact our customer service for further details.

Visualization of finished marble animal sculpture:

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shipping stone sculpture

shipping stone sculpture

Packing Of Stone Sculpture :

Firstly: Outside wooden in 3CM standard. Inside in plastic or foam.

b. Thick soft foam. Double strong rope fixed inside and outside of the packaging, to effectively prevent the goods from damage.

Customized Experience Of Stone Animal Sculptures:
First of all, As a professional animal nature stone sculpture factory. We can custom made all kinds of products of animals.

Secondly, here, you can find a variety of animals crafts. And, find the most comprehensive animal knowledge of customized.

Visual Customized Service – Process Of Marble Animal Statues:
1.Direct Carving ( Or, Create a 1:1 unique model depends on the confirmed design or from you ).
2.Show animal pictures or videos of the details of the sculpture to you. If need modify. We will modify the details.
3.Polishing for the animal sculptures. Take pictures or videos to yourself.
4.Standard professional package for animal statues.
5.Shipping the sculptures animal by sea or others. (Or, you can shipping packages by your agency) .
6.Waiting for your comment …



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