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Project Description

Garden Ornament Art Bronze Sloth Bear Sculpture

Sloth Bear Sculpture
Description: Animal sculpture plays a very important role in life. They not only play a decorative role, but also can be displayed in front of us through the images of animal sculptures, which we cannot see in our daily life. Take a look at this sloth bear sculpture. This is a lovely sculpture of mother and son of a lazy bear. Baby Lazy Bear lies on the back of Mother Lazy Bear, and Mother Lazy Bear drags the baby forward. Its face is very cute and looks like a dull child. This sloth bear sculpture is perfect for your garden as a decoration.
NO.: SS-Animal (M1023)

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The sloth bear belongs to the bear family

The sloth bear belongs to the bear family. Medium size, male is 30% to 40% heavier than female. The adult sloth bear has a shoulder width of 60-90 cm and a tail length of 15-18 cm, which is the longest in the bear family. The body of the lazy bear is covered with long fluffy hair, which is as light as auburn and as dark as black. There is a special shallow “V” shaped or “Y” shaped plaque on the chest. There is relatively little hair on the face, and the hair color is gray. Its snout is slightly white, and its nose is black. Mouth and nose are very long and can move flexibly. They can control the closure of nostrils at will. The upper jaw of the lazy bear has only four incisors, unlike many other species of animals, which have six upper and six lower incisors, so the gap between them helps them to suck termites. Sloth bears hibernate mainly at night, and sleep in caves or other hidden places during the day. Although they spend most of their time on the ground, they are good at climbing. Sloth bears are mainly distributed in India, Sri Lanka, and then northward into Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan.

Sloth Bear Sculpture

Sloth Bear Sculpture

Sloth bear is also an endangered species

In many places where sloth bears live, habitat fragmentation has been increased and decreased. In many places where sloth bears live, habitat fragmentation has been increased and decreased. The main reason threatening the survival of the sloth bear is the loss of its habitat. People have destroyed large forests for agricultural reclamation and urban development, which not only makes many animals, including lazy bears, lose their food sources, but also makes them homeless. In addition, young lazy bears are sometimes caught to perform in a circus. These sloth bears have their noses pierced, their teeth and claws pulled out, and they are driven to hot metal plates to learn to dance. Long term abuse and poor living conditions make many miserable dancing bears die when they are very young. Like many species, the habitat destruction of the sloth bear is the main reason for its rapid decline. Between 1956 and 1983, Sri Lanka had lost about 1.85 million hectares of natural virgin forests. The causes of destruction include agriculture and development plans. An indirect threat to the species is the destruction of termite mounds by the construction of tennis courts. Termites are the main food source for these bears. These bears were also hunted for their aggression and destruction of crops. At this moment, we should use our own actions to protect the endangered species such as the lazy bear. You can buy a sloth bear sculpture and place it in public places. Then you will introduce their current situation and appeal to more people to protect them. Aongking also has more endanged animal sculptures for you to choose from.

Black Bear Garden Decor

Black Bear Garden Decor

We show more completed clay artwork statues works. Includes horse statues for sale.

animals clay sculpture

We visualization of animal sculpture production process.

Aongking Sculpture Case Show

Visual Customized Service And Process:

1. Firstly, we can create a 1:1 unique clay mold depends on the design of the animal. Likewise, size or your logo.
2. Secondly, we show pictures or videos of the clay mold to you. If any details need to be fixed. We will modify it till you satisfy.
3. Further, casting bronze statues depends on this clay mold. And, if you need. We can take pictures of an animal’s bronze statue for you. ( For example, wax mold, sand shell, welding… ).
4. Furthermore, polishing, cleaning the surface of the bronze. And, patina color for the sculpture. Likewise, take pictures or videos to you.
5. Standard professional package for you. ( Use a wooden box or iron box. Even more).
6. Finally, shipping the sculptures animal by sea or others. ( Support shipping packages by your agency or you).
7. Waiting for your comment…

  • Casting ” Lost Wax “.

  • Finished animal statues more than 10000 + pieces.

  • Main Decoration Site: Garden, Public Street, Shopping Centre, Zoological Park…

  • You Name Animal, We Can Create Animal Statue.

approval of animal statues 20200

installation of sculpture

  1. Free installation base for you.
  2. Simple, easy for yourself.
  3. Guard against theft. And, select multiple base for sculpture.
  4. Suitable for multiple scenarios.
  5. On the other hand, large sculptures, support on - site installation services.
In short, apply to many scenarios. For example, residential. Restaurants, municipalities. Park & recreation departments. Libraries, resorts, catering halls. In addition, commercial buildings, parks. Moreover, zoos, tourist attractions. Lawn & garden decor. And, any decorative facility.

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