1.          Designation : Modern Animal Decoration Sculpture

             Field : Animal Sculpture

             Material : Stainless Steel 

             Surface Finished : Polished

             Dimensions (cm) : Length: 150cm

             Location : UK


Paint finished in red

Balloon Dogs, As A Famous & Fashionable Art Design

Balloon Art Animals is another series of art created by Jeff Koons between 1994 and 2000. A mirrored stainless steel sculpture inspired by a balloon toy. Jeff Koons, an American artist. He often stacks his work with extremely monotonous objects. He constantly brought new visual shocks to the world with his cute cartoon images. And, imaginative combinations of popular images of accurate and delicate daily necessities. His stainless steel balloon dogs are one of his most famous public sculptures.

balloon dog mode
balloon dog outdoor decor

How was this cute balloon dog sculpture made?

Firstly, we make 1:1 clay molds. We will send pictures and videos to you if you are satisfied with the clay molds. Secondly, we will make the shape of a dog out of fiberglass. Next, wrap it in stainless steel plates and remove the fiberglass, and at last continuously highly polished… It is full of mirror sense.

Koons is high art. But, the balloon beautiful dogs have now been copied into pop culture items for sale as home decorations. Here are stainless steel balloon dogs on the website with many colors to choose from…

The balloon dogs sculpture is the perfect gift

This balloon dogs’ stainless steel sculpture is made of high-quality stainless steel and can be left for many years. The stainless steel sculpture is perfect for shopping malls or storefronts and is sure to attract a lot of attention. Of course, it can also be put indoors.

My friend Windy told me ” I bought it for my son as his 5th birthday gift. His favorite pet dog Summer had just passed away, so I want to give him the balloon dog sculpture as a gift. When I took it out to my son at the party, I will never forget my son’s face. He laughed very happy and told me: Mom, she is Summer! I was also very happy when I saw his big smile on his face.”.

Dogs have always been man’s most loyal friend. If you are a dog lover, you can buy it for your home. Also, you can also buy it for your kid.

cute balloon dogs
large balloon dog blue

Welcome to order our balloon dogs sculpture.

Do you think this stainless steel art decoration dog is cute? This stainless steel balloon art dog sculpture is a perfect gift for a girlfriend or child. Our company has its own design team of 3 D. Therefore, all stainless steel modern art statues are available in custom sizes and styles. If you are interested, welcome to order this modern stainless steel dog sculpture in Aongking…

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