1.          Designation: Bronze Camel Sculpture

             Field: Animal Sculpture

             Material: Bronze

             Technique : Casting & Welding & Patina

             Dimensions (cm) : Length: 200cm (Tall 175cm)

             Location: Houston USA

Bronze Camel Sculpture for store for sale

Camel sculpture is a best gift.

Camel is very loyal to people. It is different from other animals. Camels are very resistant to hunger and thirst. People can ride camels across the desert. The camel is also known as the “ship of the desert”. The Bronze Camel Sculpture is an animal sculpture based on the theme of the desert star camel for store. It is as unknown in the desert camel, as stable as Mount Tai. Generally, camel sculpture is used to inspire people. Encourage people as camel perseverance, meet difficulties bravely. Therefore, the bronze camel statue is more suitable for the company. At the same time, it is also more suitable for friends and relatives.

Model of Hand cast camel sculpture
Bronze Camel Sculpture for store

There are two kinds of bronze camel sculptures: a casting camel with one hump is called a dromedary camel. And a casting camel with two humps is called a Bactrian camel. Both humps are food banks for casting camels, which can go a month without eating in the arid desert heat. So people choose to cast camels to inspire people to forge ahead in the face of hardship. Our camel statues are the perfect gift for your friends.

Bronze camel sculpture can last long time

This is our newest bronze camel sculpture in the mall. We’ve made a lot of other materials camel sculptures before, such as marble camel sculptures. But now why do we choose bronze camel sculptures put in shopping malls with a lot of people? Because compared with other materials. Bronze sculpture’s overall performance is particularly good. It is very strong, safe, and reliable. The appearance of bronze sculpture is very natural and has texture, the glaze looks very soft. The rich layer of bronze reminds of the long history and culture. Bronze sculptures last a long time and the sculptural details do not wear off. Unlike marble sculptures, which are easily worn away by being touched over a long period of time. So you don’t have to worry about our bronze camels sculpture in crowded places.

Large camel sculpture outdoor publick street
life size Animal camel bronze sculpture

Bronze Camel Sculpture

The camel sculpture is kneeling on the ground and has an urge to ride it. Our client said that he put this camel sculpture in front of his shop and it attracted a lot of people to view, especially a lot of kids. The children climbed up and rode it as if it were a real camel because many of them have never seen a real camel, just on a mobile phone. Many parents saw their children having so much fun that they immediately agree to take them to ride a real camel. Our customers give us feedback that our camel sculptures are of exceptional quality and are touched daily by children without any wear and tear on the details. You can rest assured about the quality of our sculptures. If you want other camel sculptures, we can also customize them for you. Welcome to contact us.

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