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  2. solid sand shells

    solid sand shells

    -4 Making a solid sand shells.

    The animal wax molds need to be soaked in a water glass solution. ( Sodium silicate is also called sodium silicate. The chemical name is sodium metasilicate. It’s a kind of adhesive. ) After, we will stick the sand on the wax mold. The purpose of soaking is to hang refractory materials ( or selected sand ). We will hang 5-6 layers of refractory material ( or selected sand ) over the wax mold. If it’s a larger animal sculpture. However, we will hang even more than 8-9 layers of refractory ( or selected sand ). Meanwhile,we will repeat operation. Until they are strong enough to form sandy shells.

  3. -5 Make a hollow sand shell from removed the wax mold.

    Subsequently, we immerse the sand shells in 80-95 degree water.

    hollow sand shell

    hollow sand shell

    Remove wax mold. Again through baking, remove residual wax. We got the cavity sand shell. When beeswax is melted by heat into a liquid. Beeswax came out of a small hole that had been left on the solid sand shells. What’s left is a burnt-out

    sand shell. At this time the mold has changed from a solid mold to a hollow mold. Now we can cast copper animal sculpture.

  4. -6 Cast bronze animal sculptures.

    Cast bronze animal sculptures

    Cast bronze animal sculptures

    In an empty sandy shell. The hot bronze solution is injected into the sandy shell. Fill the space occupied by the original beeswax mold. In the process. The ratio of copper to other metals is very important. A good ratio of metal. We will got a high quality bronze animal sculptures with less trachoma.

  5. -7 Got a bronze animal statue or many parts.

    After, the copper solidifies and cools. We smash a sand shell or a heavy refractory shell. We will got a fine copper casting, identical with the first wax mold, was taken out.

    bronze animal statue

    bronze animal statue

  6. -8 Polish and Welding pieces of animal sculpture.

    For a small animal sculpture. We can got a whole bronze sculpture direct. If a huge animal statue. We need welding many parts together. Then, polish.

    weld sculpture

    weld sculpture

  7. -9 Patina color for animal bronze sculpture.

    The patina of the bronze animal sculpture differs from that of other sculptures. In general, we need chemical coloring… We can patina color depends on your prefer.


     Patina color for animal



    In conclusion, Casting Bronze Animal Statues is a very different technique to the chiselling and carving associated with marble sculpture. Or, the modelling associated with ceramics. But, is u

    sed to achieve the same effects as both.

    How is a bronze sculpture made?

    What is the process of bronze casting?