1.          Designation : Bronze Dog Statues

             Field : Animal Sculpture

             Material : Bronze

             Technique : Casting & Welding & Patina

             Dimensions (cm) : Length: 120cm

             Location : USA

hunting dog statue

Dog statues for the sake of friendship

As we all know that dogs are man’s most loyal friends. Browse our wide selections of dog statues in Aongking. We have many types of dog statues. Our dog sculptures are a great addition to any dog lover’s indoor or outdoor decor. Imaginative and creative sculpture with unique details. Our dog sculptures are made exclusively for you by high-quality designers.

bronze dog statues that look real

Dog Statues in clay

bronze hunting dog statue

Dog Statues

Bring more security to your home with dog statues

In this picture, you can see a sitting great dog. We custom this dog statue for a client in the USA. It seemed to be waiting for its master’s command or it seemed to be gazing intently at the object. His ears pricked up, indicating that he was serious at that moment. You can see, this dog is muscular and aristocratic. Many rich and famous people like this kind of dog, because they are obedient and easy to train. And, they have a strong desire to protect their owner. Buy this lucky dog statue and leave it in your home with a sense of security. Our lifelike statue of a hunting dog neither “barks” nor “bites”. Don’t worry it will attack your kid or friends!

Custom dog statues for commemoration

A dog statue can also be used to commemorate your dog. One of our customers once told us he wanted to buy a dog statue to commemorate his loved dog just passed away. He missed his dog very much. He showed us a picture of his dog, and we sculpted one according to his picture. We have finished and sent him the model. When he saw it, he burst into tears. He said it’s familiar with his dog so much. He was very grateful to us. Perhaps this is the meaning of a sculpture. We are also very happy that our dog statues can bring significance to you.

dog statue for outdoors
bronzee dog statue for the garden

Bronze Dog Sculpture

On our website, we also have many other dog statues. Buy one put in your garden or home. The sculpture will add to the lovely character and charm of the dog to your home or garden. You can create a colorful, whimsical, and dangerous zoo in your backyard with our large, cute, and menacing dog statues. Even, you can custom made your pet in a statue. A relationship, even ‘a family’. Invite your friends to have a visit together and have a good afternoon. If you want to learn more, welcome to contact us. We will get back to you the first time!

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