The Symbolism Of The Elephant

Elephants are native to Asia and Africa and are highly admired. It can be compared to mythical animals such as dragons and phoenixes. Buddhism originated in India and spread to East Asia with its symbols and teachings. The elephant is revered in Buddhism and is one of the seven treasures of the universal emperors. The elephant is like a snow mountain, a symbol of dignity, majesty, and power.

In many Buddhist and Hindu iconography, the deity rides on an elephant and is regarded as a noble vehicle for transmitting spiritual teachings. In the Vedic system, Ganesha is one of the most popular and beloved deities. He has the head of an elephant and the body of a boy. In ancient times, people trained elephants to fight, because they were so strong that they could overcome any obstacle. So Ganesha is a god called upon to remove obstacles. It is because of the auspicious meaning of elephants that elephant garden statues are popular with people.

elephant decor statue

Elephant Decor Statue

Can elephant garden statue bring good luck?

Elephants are the largest land mammals. It has a very gentle disposition and knows how to reciprocate. For thousands of years, it has forged an indissoluble bond with human beings. In Chinese traditional culture, the pronunciation of elephant is the same as the pronunciation of auspiciousness. So elephants are regarded as auspicious animals. It enjoys a high status in the ancient oriental civilization. The sculpture cast with the shape of an elephant has the characteristics of a vivid and lively image. It has health and longevity, wealth, a good harvest, and other auspicious and beautiful implications.

In the probiotic family, there are only two species left, the Asian elephant and the African elephant. The existing Asian and African elephants are only the remnant representatives of the numerous and widespread species that once inhabited the earth. In the evolution process of tens of millions of years, they have their own evolutionary history like other animals, such as occurrence, development, migration, dissemination, and so on. And in the process of evolution of these tens of millions of years formed a unique elephant culture.

The family culture is based on the unique animal culture under the resultant force. Compared with the general animal culture, the elephant’s family culture has its own characteristics. Perhaps it is precise because of its long and unique history and culture that it has become a mascot. You may see elephant sculptures in many shops and outside buildings. The placement of this elephant sculpture is the use of the elephant can bring luck principle. Of course, some people also want to add a bit of good fortune to their home. They also choose to put an elephant sculpture in their garden. Bring you more good luck with this elephant garden statue.

How to make elephant garden statues have emotion in art and garden decoration?

Every place we go in our lives is clothed in art and decoration. Whether it’s graffiti painted on the sides of buildings. Or the painting of the beach at sunset on the wall of the doctor’s office. Even the horse hanging on the front porch, they are all art. If we don’t like to decorate our environment with art, the scenery we encounter will be dull, colorless, and meaningless. Intangible elements, emotions, or beliefs, that make up our existence as human beings and individuals are depicted in art. The art and decorations that surround us are designed to create a certain emotion and atmosphere in the atmosphere.

The elephant garden statue has a universal demand for people. Because many people think the elephant sculpture is an ornament and is considered fashionable. Hidden behind these elephant ornaments are unique meanings and beliefs associated with Indian culture and religion.

mother and baby elephant statue

Mother And Baby Elephant Statue

The elephant’s artistic statue lies not only in its beauty but also in its powerful spiritual character and role model for the people of India. This divine being is represented through divine paintings and sculptures. Elephant art in the environment needs to help people perform various spiritual rituals and lead them to their goals. They also stand for strength, wisdom, overcoming obstacles, and spiritual purification, which Indian culture seeks to achieve. Elephant art is associated with an extreme spiritual way of life that acknowledges the divine source of life. If we want to decorate our atmosphere with artistic depictions of elephants. We must not only understand this message but also practice these ideas, rituals, and beliefs that originate from elephants.

Since elephants are considered saviors and protectors, it is considered lucky to place the statue on the front door. You can put the elephant garden statue in front of your door. You can place a pair of elephants, facing inward. According to feng shui, if you want to protect your home from evil or negative energy, you can lay it outwards. Of course, you can put it in your garden and let it take care of your garden. It also makes a great garden decoration.

How to choose the animal sculpture for decoration?

Because animal sculpture originated in arts and crafts. Therefore, most of the animal sculpture works have strong decorative and practical. Pay attention to animal morphology characterization. And add color to the statue, the combination of plastic painting, complements each other. So that the work has the same aesthetic feeling and appreciation value as painting. Paying attention to the form of the spirit, with concise animal sculpture language, to show a high degree of image beauty.

The animal sculpture is a kind of sketch sculpture. Combining plastic arts and sculpting and created all kinds of vivid animals. There are many images of animals, such as lions, tigers, elephants, horses, and so on. The animal sculpture has strong decorative and practical. From ancient times to the present, animal sculpture around us has never been absent. So what kind of sculpture animal is good for what occasion?

For outdoor landscapes, such as parks, resorts, amusement parks, and other places with relatively wide space. The small sculptures should not be used. It’s best to use a large animal sculpture to stand out. The elephant garden statue is a good choice. If an elephant garden statue is matched with a pool, it will be more vivid.

elephant garden sculpture

Elephant Garden Sculpture

giant elephant statue

Giant Elephant Statue

If it is a hotel, restaurant, or restaurant type of dining environment. You can choose dolphins, fish, and other Marine food materials as the prototype. The customer’s appetite is aroused before they start eating. The visual impact will be very strong.

Such as ecological hotels, hot spring water cities, and the main ecological environment of a class of places. You can see what animal sculpture is used and how big animal sculpture is used according to the size of the space. You can put some highly recognizable animal sculptures. Like our elephant garden statue. Make it a symbol of the building.

The auspicious meaning of the elephant is self-evident. If you are also a big fan of elephant sculptures or want to add a bit of luck to your home, you can choose one to display in your home. The elephant garden statues we make have always been very popular with our customers. You can choose your favorite elephant garden statue on our website. Aongking Animal Team is looking forward to hearing from you.