1.          Designation : Bronze Elephant Sculpture

             Field : Animal Sculpture

             Material : Bronze

             Technique : Casting & Welding & Patina

             Dimensions (cm) : Length: 200cm

             Location : Houston USA

bronze lephant statues for home decor

Elephant statues - Choose an auspicious, lucky decorative sculpture for you

Have you browsed a lot of bronze elephant statues online? Do you found your favorite elephant sculpture? Come here for more good ideas. Choose your favorite bronze elephant statue in Aongking. We have many types of elephant statues (more than 500+) for you to choose from. Whether a large one or a small one, put it indoors or outdoor… You can find them here.

elephant statue for sale
massive backyard elephant statue

In this picture, you can see a bronze standing elephant sculpture. These elephant statues for sale was so exquisitely made it looked like a real elephant standing there. It’s strong and majestic, but with noble dignity. Its’ fan-like ears make you want to touch them and its large, realistic ivory tusks. This is a very attractive bronze elephant statue. It looks very powerful. It can help you get rid of encumbrances in Fengshui.

More lucky with our bronze elephant statues

The elephant is one of nature’s most beautiful and beloved animals. Whether in Kings’ courts or in public circuses. Elephants have fascinated millions of people throughout history both in the East and West. This casted statue is reminiscent of a royal elephant in the King’s Zoo. These bronze elephant statues are exquisitely carved, showing every wrinkle and wrinkle in its skin. Put it in your home, it will be a bold statement. This elegant elephant statue symbolizes luck. It will bring you good luck.

large elephant statue outdoor
large bronze elephant statue indoor

Bronze Elephant Sculpture -Decorative areas are not affected by the environment

Many bronze statues that we finished and bronze animal sculptures are made of the ancient art of wax casting. A large elephant statue suit for the outdoor like park, square. A small elephant statue suit for indoor, as your inner decor put it in your garden or table. We have many sizes of elephant statues. You can also buy it as a gift to your friend, a business gift… If you are interested in more elephant sculptures, welcome to contact us!

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