Nowadays, in China, koi means good luck. One of the most popular words is asking “for koi”. That means “bring more luck to me.” People also seek more luck from koi fish every time they see them. Would you like to bring more luck back to your home? Choose our hron koi fish sculpture as a decoration, put it in your home. The fish have a particularly strong reproductive capacity, which also caters to the expectations of a happy life with many children and a prosperous population. The natural phenomenon that fish can not live without water is also the emotional expression of fish and water love, which expresses the deep love between men and women, the love between husband and wife, and the happy love between husband and wife. It is said that in the Han Dynasty, there was a myth about carp leaping onto the Dragon’s Gate. It is said that carp leaping onto the Dragon’s Gate can transform Jackie Chan into a dragon. This is the long cherished wish that people are eager to make a qualitative leap in life and make great progress, and become a symbol of good future and luck. Aongking has been specialized in making products of various materials for many years, focusing on customers and meeting the different needs of customers at different levels. At present, our company’s products have been sold well in many regions of the country and have won unanimous praise from customers.

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