1.          Designation : Leopard Sculpture For Sale

             Field : Animal Sculpture

             Material : Bronze

             Technique : Casting & Welding & Patina

             Dimensions (cm) : Length: 200cm

             Location : Houston USA

leopard sculpture large

Choose a suitable leopard sculpture to decorate your home

Are you looking for a sculpture to decorate your home? Aongking’s leopard sculptures will be your best choice. Browse our wide selection of cheetah sculptures. Choose a favorite one to be your inner decor or outdoor decor. We have any sizes for you. Our large cheetah sculptures decorate the entrances to homes and offices, medium-sized leopards decorate dining tables, living rooms, and more, small cheetah sculptures decorate our small spaces like shelves.

leopard sculpture outdoor
leopard sculpture sale

Leopard sculpture conveys the power and danger leopard.

The Leopard is anatomically all about strength and speed. Leopard have an immensely high power to weight ratio, short bones and heavy muscle in comparison to the Cheetah’s sinewy long leverage. In this picture, a leopard was standing on a stone. Opened its mouth, showed its sharp teeth. Actually, this is a leopard in a state of aggression, by being in an angry state. It shows the movement of its body before it attacks and jumps, terrible grin and expression of his eyes betray all the anger and mood at the moment. It conveys the power and danger of this beautiful leopard sculpture for sale.

Add a dash of exotic flair to your home

The bronze statue of the leopard shows the powerful muscles of the majestic animal. Its strong body and short legs allow it to crouch near the ground and jump on its prey to kill it. Have you also marveled at the beauty of this cheetah sculpture? I’m sure you’ll be inspired when you see a sculpture like this. Suc lifelike sculptures reveal the leopard’s true appearance. As if an angry leopard were real in front of us.

Most importantly, such a skilled art is our Aongkingde sculpture! Discover our lifelike leopard sculptures crafted in realistic detail. Our leopard statues have something for every leopard lover! Our unique leopard statues are memorable gifts. Our leopard statues have been sold all around the world. Add a dash of exotic flair to your home with the cheetah sculpture.

black garden leopard design for sale
leopard sculpture angrily

More Leopard Sculpture

Of course, we also have any other sculptures, such as other animals, famous figure sculptures, abstract sculptures, children sculptures or any poses cheetah sculptures for example sitting leopard, leaping leopard… If you want to learn more, please contact us!

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