Charging Bull

The Charging Bull sculpture on Wall Street

Anyone who has ever been to Wall Street in the United States knows that there is a Charging Bull sculpture. Which is almost inevitable for tourists to touch. It is a bronze statue standing on Broadway north of Bowling Green in Manhattan’s financial district, New York. It depicts a bull, symbolizing positive financial optimism and prosperity. We just recently made this life-size Charging Bull sculpture. So you can put it in your home and let it bring you prosperity.

The Charging Bull sculpture is very popular with tourists

The life-size Charging Bull sculpture is a popular tourist destination. It attracts thousands of visitors every day. And, it symbolizes Wall Street and the financial district. It leaned back on its legs, its head bent, its nostrils flared, its wicked, sharp horns threatening to sting. It’s an angry, dangerous beast. The muscular body is twisted to one side and the tail is bent like a whip. When many people see such a strong and attractive bull sculpture. They can not help but want to touch it.

Angry Charging Bull Sculpture
Bronze Energetic Charging Bull
Wall Street Charging Bull

The origin of the life size Charging Bull sculpture

The Charging Bull sculpture was created by an artist based in Sicily, Arturo Di Modica. Modica is an artist intent on making a name for himself abroad. He wanted to hit the big time. He racked his brains and was at his wit’s end. One day, he wandered into Wall Street and found a spark of inspiration. Wall Street at that time was the center of the world’s financial and stock markets. So he decided to put his work there. Maybe it would bring him good luck. So he created a sculpture of a bull and put it on Wall Street. In fact, many people mobbed him. Today, more and more people still fantasize about being sheltered by the life-size Charging Bull sculpture.

Different types of Charging Bull sculptures for you

If you also want to own this auspicious bronze bull sculpture. You can buy our bronze Charging Bull sculpture. We have models of 1.1m, 2.4m, and 2.8m long to meet your needs. You can choose the size you want according to the size of your space. The bronze color and the hard metallic texture of the sculpture’s surface emphasize the animal’s brute strength. Let our life-size Charging Bull sculpture bring you more luck.

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