1.          Designation : Stone Lion Sculpture

             Field : Animal Sculpture

             Material : Marble

             Technique : Carve&Polished

             Dimensions (cm) : Length: 200cm

             Location : Houston USA

stone lions for garden for sale

Stone Lion Sculpture

The stone lion sculpture has always had the auspicious implication of exorcism. It is a sculpture with artistic value and ornamental value that takes stone as the raw material to carve the image of a lion. We often see a pair of stone lion sculptures in palaces, temples, gardens, squares, etc. If you would like to have a stone lion sculpture in your space for good luck, please visit our stone lion sculptures. We have many types of lion sculptures, depending on the environment of your space, you can choose your favorite lion sculpture that best matches it.

Lion garden sculpture
Carved stone lion sculptures

Look at our hot sale lion sculpture. This is one of the sculptures we are working on recently, which has been very popular with many customers. This is a husband and wife lion. The male lion is preening the lioness. He is washing her face. It’s a sign of love among animals. The lioness lay on her hands and knees quietly enjoying the baptism of the male lion. These two lions seem to be very much in love, and many people may be envious of their love. Put them outside in the sunlight, let their love between animals appear more great, no less than the love between human beings, but also let more people envy this love.

It was this loving lion sculpture that led to a marriage. One of my clients bought the sculpture and told me about her beautiful love story with her husband. She said she and her husband in the same university, where a pair of lions stood at the garden gate. Couples in the school often visit the garden on dates and pose for pictures next to the lion sculpture. She often walked in the garden, looked at the lions, and wanted a boyfriend who would love her. One day, her husband came to the garden, and they met. They started dating in the garden like any other couple. After graduayion, they got married and took wedding photos next to the lion statue at the university to commemorate their love. Now that they are so happy with their lives, they want to buy an identical lion sculpture for their garden to witness their more sweet moments. Of course we hope that our lion sculpture will continue to witness more sweetness in their lives.

Large Life Size Marble Stone Lion Statue Mold
lion sculpture garden decor

Stone Lion Sculpture

Sculpture plays a decorative role in the garden, often changing the overall structure of the environment, playing the role of the finishing touch. But this great statue can also be a symbol of many people’s good memories. With this delightful pair of lions, you can truly turn your home into your castle. Whether you’re looking for a mascot for your school or a guard for your garden, Aongking has lions sculptures to meet every decor need. Statues of the lioness and lioness will show your pride. We work very hard to make sure all the buyers are happy. We try to accurately and fairly describe all the items we listed. If you are not satisfied with the purchase, you can give us feedback in time and we will help you solve the problem in the first time.

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