rabbit sculpture

Landscape design. There are always animal sculptures. They are like elves lurking in the landscape. The elegant and pleasant bear sculpture is one of the most popular animal sculptures. Only in adventure movies and videos can you see bears in all kinds of poses. Aongking customized wild bear landscape decorative sculpture. Whether in the park or in the scenic area. It’s often mentioned. Bear sculptures are given the distinction of being “colored, stylish, light, interesting and meaningful”. What is more important is to be alive. There is life.  The bear sculpture is mainly manifested in two points: First, there is culture. Bear sculpture is the activation of culture. The theme is consistent with the park and scenic spot where the landscape is located. That is, live color and fragrance, this is meaningful. The second is to have experience. They are dynamic and interactive experiences based on the experience of a specific culture.  The bear sculpture‘s a playful approach to wild bears. You can find more bear designs on Aongking. For example black copper bear for school, adult male bronze bear, stainless steel bear statue, nature marble bear… Bear sculpture as a large animal sculpture. If you have some woodland. Or, some open ground and you want a focal point black bear is…

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