Finished Animal Sculpture From Aongking

Blog animal sculpture from Aongking Sculpture. You can check many styles of animal design from Aongking. Lion sculpture, Horse sculpture, bull sculpture…

202, 2013

Lion Garden Sculpture

February 2nd, 2013|

         Designation : Stone Lion Sculpture          Field : Animal Sculpture          Material : Marble          Technique : Carve&Polished          Dimensions (cm) : Length: 200cm          Location : Houston USA 3333333333333 The lion sculpture has always had the auspicious implication of exorcism. It is a sculpture with artistic value and ornamental value that takes stone as the raw material to carve the image of a lion. We often see a pair of stone lion garden sculptures in palaces, temples, gardens, squares, etc. If you would like to have a stone lion garden sculpture in your space [...]

2503, 2000

Dolphins as Mascots

March 25th, 2000|

Dolphins live extensively in the shallow seas near the continental shelves of the world's oceans. If you go out a lot. You can often see dolphins in the sea. Dolphins usually like to live in groups, not fish, squid, etc. Their body is spindle-shaped. Their skin is smooth and hairless and their bodies are vigorous and flexible. In addition, they are good at jumping and diving. Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animal families. The brain of all kinds is complex and has a good memory. It can learn many actions under human training. It not only has a docile and friendly but also lively and active character. Which is universally loved by people all over the world. So it [...]