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Abstract animal sculpture can make animals vivid and ingenious. In Aongking animal design concept. It can combine the uninhibited galloping horse with a solid and stable mechanical structure. The influence of abstract mechanics on the sculpture is a symbol, catering to modern aesthetics. Abstract animal sculpture to play its true value. Wild images alone are not enough. There are many reasons why successful abstract animal sculptures satisfy the audience. Including the sculpture design, production process, and other aspects of the form of elements. Only from real life to discover new things. To better carry on the tradition. And create beyond tradition as well as to influence the future. Make the development of sculpture more diversified. The abstract animal sculpture is transforming to be full of individual characteristics and diversified styles. These animal sculptures can decorate the countryside and make the environment more vivid. An abstract can also raise people’s awareness of animal protection. It’s the art of having the best of both worlds. Whether it’s the memory of accompanying his dog or the tall steed. They can be found in cities. Abstract sculpture refers to non-figurative sculpture, that is to say, except for realistic sculpture, all of them are abstract sculpture. The meaning of abstract sculpture does not specifically refer to specific statues.

An important representation in abstract geometric animal sculptures. The expression of abstract geometric style in decorative sculpture. It is a common modeling technique in modern abstract animal sculptures. It is abstract art that has no aim to depict concrete objects. The abstract is composed of points, lines, planes, bodies, and basic geometries.┬áTo convey a variety of emotions. Stimulate people’s imagination and thinking.

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