wild boar sculpture

Wild boar is a kind of medium mammal, belonging to the Artiodactyla pig family, mammalian class. The size of the crop varies from region to region. The overall color is dark brown or black, the top layer is composed of hard bristles, and the bottom layer has a layer of soft fine hairs below. Back draped with rigid and sparse acicula, hair thick and thin. If you don’t want a real boar in your home, check out our boar sculptures. In some places, the wild boar sculpture is a kind of mascot decoration. 

Aongking Animal Team has many types of wild boar sculptures, whether you want large or small, indoor or outdoor, you can find the type of boar sculpture you are looking for here. Wild boars range from temperate to tropical habitats, from semi-arid climates to tropical rainforests, temperate woodlands, and grasslands. They also often forage on farmland. But they are not found in the very dry, very high altitude, and very cold regions except for the Tibetan Plateau and the Gobi Desert, which are found all over China. We rarely see them, after all, they are not as often in our sight as animals. If you want to see it more often, buy our wild boar sculpture. Aongking Animal Team also has more pig sculptures for you to choose from.

Our bronze wild boar sculpture is suitable for any occasion and is a great decoration no matter where it is placed. Surely it will be a great attraction. Our wild boar sculpture is so cute that you don’t have to be afraid that it will attack you like a real boar. If you don’t find one to your satisfaction, Aongking Animal Team can also customize any sculpture you want. Aongking Animal Team will provide you with a variety of options according to your surroundings, including how to place the sculpture. If you are interested in our wild boar sculptures, please try to contact Aongking Animal Team, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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