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The dog is man’s best friend. Dog sculptures are also becoming more and more popular for families that love pets. For almost all of human history, dogs have been not only guardians, assistants, and companions, but also MUSES. Dog sculptures have been immortalized in paintings, sculptures, prints, and photographs (even in monumental balloon buildings). Through the centuries, dogs remain our companions, living symbols of protection, loyalty, and unconditional love. Some families even have dogs as one of their most popular “family members. As a result, dog sculptures became more popular as ornaments, today.

For a long time, dogs were seen as guides (Aongking finished a guides bronze dog sculpture), the link between our physical world and the outside world. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Celts, and others considered dogs to be divine guardians of other worlds beyond human experience. That’s why dogs are sometimes called symbols of death. It can be a sentinel for invisible spheres and a guide for out-of-body journeys. For example, you might think of Anubis, the Egyptian god with the head of a dog, who guided souls into the afterlife.

We often see many people walking their dogs in the park. Or in some parks, you often see lifelike dog sculptures. There are many kinds of dogs and different people like different breeds of dogs. Many people choose to have a dog to keep them company, especially the elderly in the family. Dogs can also accompany children to grow up together so that children’s childhood life is full of joy. We can customize any dog sculpture you want. Create an identical sibling for your dog, and record your dog’s happiest moments forever. We have many other dog sculptures that are waiting for you to choose from. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact Aongking team.

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