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The Foo Dog statue is a type of lion sculpture carved & casting. Foo dog statue is a kind of decoration often used in traditional Chinese architecture. It can be seen in Chinese palaces, temples, pagodas, bridges, mansions, gardens, mausoleums, and on seal knobs. You can choose a perfect one for your place on Aongking Animal Team.

The Foo Dog statue is a type of traditional Chinese art that typically depicts a mythical creature known as a “foo dog” or “foo lion.” These Foo Dog sculptures are often made of stone or bronze and are frequently placed in pairs at the entrance of a temple, palace, or other important buildings in Chinese culture. Foo dogs are typically depicted with muscular bodies, sharp teeth, and fierce expressions. They are often shown with a ball or a cub under one paw, which is said to represent protection and control.

In Chinese mythology, Foo Dog statues are believed to be protectors of people and their homes, as well as guardians of important buildings and sacred spaces. They are also associated with the concept of yin and yang, with the male foo dog statue representing yang and the female foo dog statue representing yin. Foo dog statues have become popular in Western culture as decorative items, often used to add an exotic or mystical element to a room or outdoor space. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact Aongking Animal Team.

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