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Shake up your current style with the Aongking collection of art of bull sculptures. The right decor and ambiance can liven up your bash and get your guests in the mood for fun. Whatever pure bronze bull sculpture or marble bull sculpture or any bull sculpture you want we can customize it for you. Each of our bull sculptures is perfect in size and in detail, it will not let you down. Each bull sculpture for sale is hand-cast, you will love it.

When you choose decorations, the sculptures became the most eye-catching decoration. Browse our most powerful bull sculptures, from large to outdoor decorations to small for house mascot sculptures, choose one from a range of colors and materials to suit your style and make your indoor or outdoor space become the most stylish place. The life-sized bull sculpture of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity. If you put it on a large outdoor square, I believe it will attract more people to visit and take photos here. If it is placed at home, it will also bring you good luck and when your friends visit it will make your friends feel happy.

Add a masterpiece to decorate your room. The abstract bull sculpture will be your best choice! Aongking Animal Team also has buffalo statues and some famous bull statues for you to choose from. Contact our experienced customer service staff, if you have any inquiries before placing an order. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. More animal sculptures are waiting for you to choose from.

Bull Sculpture Projects

bull sculpture projects from Aongking

Animal Mascots

The connotation and culture of animal mascots The mascot is the original human culture formed in the struggle between primitive humans and nature. In this struggle with nature, human beings first take [...]

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Copper wall street bull statue

Finished Size of Length (inches and centimeters) Material(fiberglass/brass/bronze) Color(patina/paint/chroming) 11.8 inches/ 30 cm fiberglass gold chroming 39.3 inches/ 100 cm brass gold chroming 47.2 inches/ 120 cm brass gold chroming 59 [...]

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Life Size Charging Bull Sculpture

The Charging Bull sculpture on Wall Street Anyone who has ever been to Wall Street in the United States knows that there is a Charging Bull sculpture. Which is almost [...]

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