1404, 2019

Casting Bronze Animal Statues 2

April 14th, 2019|

< Back Casting Bronze Animal Statues 1 page solid sand shells -4 Making a solid sand shells. The animal wax molds need to be soaked in a water glass solution. ( Sodium silicate is also called sodium silicate. The chemical name is sodium metasilicate. It's a kind of adhesive. ) After, we will stick the sand on the wax mold. The purpose of soaking is to hang refractory materials ( or selected sand ). We will hang 5-6 layers of refractory material ( or selected sand ) over the wax mold. If it's a larger animal sculpture. However, we will hang even more than 8-9 layers of refractory ( or selected sand ). Meanwhile,we will repeat operation. Until they are [...]

2903, 2019

Casting Bronze Animal Statue 1

March 29th, 2019|

How casts which used “lost wax” an life size COPPER animal sculpture ? Casting Bronze Animal Statue is a challenging too, as a professional company. But, we finished perfect more than 6000 pieces in 20 YEARS. We are always learning and exploring the perfection of casting process. Because, we know It allows our showcase we creativity animals art on the planet. The “lost wax” casting method I’ll be discussing. I will use wild boar statue as examply .There is 9 steps of casting bronze animal statue... -1 Model of animal creating . Model of animal WILF Boar Silicone mold and plaster mold Artist creates 1:1 animal models of clay or other materials. Oil-based clays are commonly used. Because, [...]

1501, 2019

Bear copper statue

January 15th, 2019|

Bronze huge bear statue Please read the Bear copper statue for school ornaments. Part 1 : Bear sculpture's purposes. Located just inside the school park at East 79th Street. Art of Bears is the latest addition to Central Park’s collection of school's statues. Commonly called “Black Bear” .  The sculpture features one huge-sized (tall 300 cm) bronze bear on a base platform. The surrounding seating area is a perfect place for teacher to watch over adventurous little ones. Added to the Park of scuhool in 1998. The headmaster Laia bought copper bear from our company. Art of Bear is the decor work of celebrated the twentieth anniversary of school. No stranger to Central School Park. This school also created [...]

2309, 2017

Copper wall street statue

September 23rd, 2017|

1-Why are famous sculptures of animal important for decor, today? 2-What do sculptures of  the wall street bull symbolize? 3-Does famous sculpture play an important role in the history? The famous statue of  Copper wall street statue. The sculpture help people to remember a location of city, today. And, it can ornaments our living environment. On the other hand, the famous animal statue can remember the history of the city for people, tomorrow. A street and A statue of animal WITH TOGETHER forever. In other words, the sculpture makes people easier to notice a name of street and more. The Statue of Charging Bull. Sometimes refer to as the Wall Street Bull or the Bowling Green [...]

607, 2016

Spanish bullfight statue

July 6th, 2016|

Do you know the popular Spanish bullfight statue. A special meaning behind a animal sculpture of bull. In real life: The controversial physical contest of bullfighting has been around in Spain in some form or another since at least Roman times. And, for the last few centuries. A kind of traditions many say is little more than torture. But, like it or hate it, it famous to culture of history today. The controversial spectacle of bullfighting has around in Spain in some form. But, there is a uncontroversial animals decor statue for space worthy. Because, the statues is different real life of human. But, a symbolic animal statue can represent some meaning of real life. For example: Spanish bullfight statue. A [...]