The significance of the life-sized horse statue

Horses are good friends of human beings. Humans and horses have had a lot of contact since a long time ago. People used to call them the spirit of all creatures. Compared with other creatures, human beings have a more perfect ability to learn and transform. From very early times, the man began to keep a variety of poultry and domestic animals. Horses are one of them. With only two legs, human beings are far inferior in speed and endurance to horses who are good at running. As a result, man became attached to the horse. In the long flow of history everywhere is full of horse figures.

In early times, a pair of horse sculptures were often placed in front of the doors of some powerful people’s homes, symbolizing the beautiful meaning of success. Horse statue is often seen in the early tomb sculpture. Its shape is often tall and powerful, full of a kind of momentum without front. In modern times, a life-sized horse statue is still shining and has become a kind of home object.

Horses strike us as gentle and easy to handle. In parks or squares, there are horse sculptures for people to watch quietly. Horse sculptures have been handed down so far, which shows that horse culture has a long history. Horses have been accompanying humans since very early times. There are also some very famous horse sculptures commemorating the contribution of horses to people at that time. If you are interested in some famous life-sized horse statues, you can visit our homepage to learn more about them.

What does the use of a horse have to do with its being a mascot?

the clay model of life-sized horse statue

The Clay Model Of Life-Sized Horse Statue

The horse is a kind of auspiciousness, is a kind of favor, is also a kind of divine gift. Primitive horses were wild and generally lived in herds. They live in the deep grasslands. Sometimes they graze quietly, other times they gather together to rest. Sometimes they ride on the grasslands. Female horses play the role of nurturing and producing offspring. In addition to their role as fathers, male horses have another role as guardians. They are using their own strong body, build a nearly dense undisturbed protective wall. This wall protects the herd of horses from predators attacking the weaker ones.

Because the domesticated horse has more responsibilities: for one thing, the trained horse is less wild than before. They will be obedient to their masters, loyal to their masters, silently dedicated, without complaint or regret. Or use their bodies to help people carry heavy loads. For another is galloping on the battlefield. In times of war, the horse was also a very important tool. A good horse can help its owner achieve success in battle. What’s more, the use of horses is for horse racing to enrich people’s spare time life. In ancient times, some wealthy families played horse-racing games to pass the time.

It is precise because of the multiple uses of horses and the fact that horses have been completely inseparable from people’s lives that it has become a fashion for people to respect, love, and protect horses. But also regarded the horse as a kind of revered god. The horse is no longer a simple animal, it has been deified by people. It is a good omen, a kind of mascot. Therefore, people have been a totem horse as a kind of worship. It is found that there are horses on the ancient rock paintings, horses in the terracotta warriors and horses in the pits, horses in the artificial sculptures, and horses in the art paintings. These are the strong evidence that the totem of horses has long been worshiped in human feelings. Nowadays, more and more life-sized horse statues gradually appear in our vision.

In addition, the horse as a mascot has a way of existence. It is a kind of hidden in nature, a relatively hidden alternative. Under normal conditions, it is not obvious, generally not visible to the naked eye. However, under the role of artificial, it can also be revealed in the world, God opened. It is a combination of heaven and earth. It is a supernatural, beautiful, and visually striking totem of a horse. Today, fewer and fewer people keep horses. They can only be seen in the zoo. If you love horses, but can’t keep a herd in your own home. Then you can consider buying a life-sized horse statue. Let the life-sized horse statue bring you more luck instead of a real horse.

The role of horse sculpture placement

With the development of society, the continuous improvement of the economy. Horse sculpture is widely used in people’s life. Such as parks, squares, gardens, communities, and other places, have seen the figure of horse sculpture. As we all know, the horse sculpture is a kind of mascot. So what is the significance of the life-sized horse statue?

First of all. The placement of the horse statue has a certain decorative effect. If a very large space without some decorations, the whole space will appear very empty and not beautiful. With the development of people’s economic conditions, the sculpture has gradually become a kind of decoration. Put a large sculpture in a large space, will have a certain decorative effect. Horse sculpture has a strong decorative effect. Putting a nice life-sized horse statue in a square will definitely attract more people to look at it and take pictures. It will also become a very famous symbol.

In addition, the placement of horse sculptures has an uplifting effect. Due to the unrestrained nature of the horse, coupled with a strong and restless gas. The temperament of the sculpted horse has spirited behavior.

What’s more, horses can drive the flow of money, so that the cause can be more successful. So you can put a life-sized horse statue in your home and let it bring you more money.

Look at our life-sized horse statue. A horse that has been jumping up. Its two hind legs were firmly in place and its two front legs were in the air. You can clearly see the muscles on its body. This is a very strong horse, depicting every detail of the horse. This life-sized horse statue is based on a real horse. It is 3 meters high. And it has models. If you don’t like the color of the sculpture, we can also customize the color you want. We have many other horse sculptures on our home page. We also have many famous horse sculptures for you to choose from.