1.          Designation : Bronze Buffalo Sculpture

             Field : Animal Sculpture

             Material : Bronze

             Technique : Casting & Welding & Patina

             Dimensions (cm) : Length: 200cm

             Location : Houston USA

buffalo sculpture for sale

Find a buffalo sculpture that will please you

Are you looking for bronze buffalo sculptures? Browse our wide selection of large bronze buffalo sculptures in Aongking. We provided many types about it, you can find the one that satisfies you whatever it put in inner space or outdoor space.

buffalo sculpture images
buffalo sculpture park

Large bronze buffalo sculpture is indeed a mascot

In this picture, you can see a buffalo was walking slowly, it looks very powerful. The dominant buffalo is ready for anything coming it’s way. With its head down and its muscles bent, don’t get in its way. The calm demeanor of the animal shows that the buffalo walked along without worries. When we see the buffalo, we will think of the honest, industrious, strength of these good words. The large bronze buffalo sculpture is indeed a mascot, it is well suited for furnishings in homes, offices, parks, outdoors, or as gifts for friends.

The large bronze buffalo sculpture can also be left at the school gate. The buffalo stands for diligence, one student told us he likes this sculpture very much, when he saw it, he told himself he wants to be a diligent person like a buffalo. Put it in the school gate to encourage more and more students. We are very happy that our sculptures can bring positive power to people.

buffalo sculpture walking
buffalo sculpture

More Large Bronze Buffalo Sculptures for you

This large bronze buffalo sculpture will last forever outdoors, it resists a variety of factors and looks great no matter where you put it with little or no maintenance. This is an excellent quality bronze masterpiece. This is just one of our Aongking sculptures and we have many others for your choice. Our statues are extremely popular and proudly displayed in gardens, parks, homes, schools, cities, and fine galleries throughout the country. Try to contact us and we promise we are the high quality for you.

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