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Aongking Copper Factory introduces the Bronze Elephant to you. Nowadays, we are in many landscape scenes. Can see the bronze elephant or stone elephant figure. As garden landscape space decoration. In this way, landscape architects can add beauty to the environment. At the same time. Bring good fortune to all of you. Aongking has also done a number of landscape sculpture projects with bronze elephants. Among them is a forged stainless steel elephant statue. There are also statues of cast bronze elephants and carving stone elephants.

Elephant sculpture can occupy a place in the landscape. In addition to the role of environmental decoration. More is also the auspicious meaning given to the elephant in feng shui – auspicious luck, water suction money. Therefore, we can see bronze elephants and stone elephants in many scenes. Elephant sculptures garden ornaments for art and wildlife. Large size, life-size, tabletop art, there are elephants fine for outside garden…

Finished Elephant Statues

elephant sculpture

More Elephant Statues

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