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Project Description

Outdoor Bronze Trunk Up Large Elephant Statues for Home Decor

large elephant statues for home decor
Description: Elephants are not very common in our lives. If you like elephants very much, you have to go to the zoo to see them. You have a chance right now to own it forever. Look at our large elephant statues for home decor. This is a very happy elephant. It seems to be grinning from ear to ear. If it could make a sound, it would be a giggle coming out of its mouth. Its nose is also pointing upwards. The large elephant statues for home decor are perfect home decor.
NO.: SS-Animal (M617)

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The symbolic meaning of an elephant with its trunk up

An upward trunk is said to bring energy, good luck, prosperity, and kindness. The elephant raised its trunk to greet its friend, expressing happiness. Place a sculpture of an elephant with its trunk up for good luck and mercy. An elephant statue with its trunk pointing up also symbolizes wealth and success. Feng shui experts also compare the trunk to a vacuum cleaner that cleans up negative energy. Therefore, choose an elephant statue holding a crystal ball or any other similar element. Similarly, an elephant statue with its trunk up is considered very lucky and will bring good luck to the family. An elephant with its trunk up and hind legs standing represents strength and protection. You can have a look at the large elephant statues for home decor.

Aongking finished large elephant statue

Aongking finished a large elephant statue

Each elephant sculpture is unique in its own way, but at the same time it is similar

An elephant sculpture is not just an image of an elephant. Each elephant sculpture is unique in its own way, but at the same time, it is similar. They are all decorated with jewels and embellished with rich colors such as gold and silver. Elephant sculptures are very hipster. Elephants have a long history. It has long been considered a kind of mascot. This is important for those who buy elephant sculptures because they consider the items an ornament and are considered fashionable. But the cultural history behind the elephant sculpture is also worth studying. If you want to learn more about elephant sculpture, you can purchase an elephant sculpture to study. Aongking has a lot of elephant sculptures here. Welcome to browse our large elephant statues for home decor, more fun waiting to be discovered by you. Aongking also has more elephant sculptures for you to choose from.

Customized reasonable price artificial carved elephant statue for lawn decoration

Customized Large Elephant Statues for Home Decor

Product category: Aongking Animal Team focuses on producing various types of sculptures, including stone sculptures, metal sculptures, ceramic sculptures, etc. Our products cover different artistic styles and themes to meet the needs of different customers.

Materials and Quality: Aongking Animal Team uses high-quality materials such as marble, bronze, stainless steel, etc. to ensure the durability and aesthetics of the sculpture. Our craftsmen have rich experience and exquisite craftsmanship, capable of producing exquisite sculptures.

Customization options: Aongking Animal Team supports customized requirements and creates sculptures based on customer designs and specifications. If you have special design ideas or size requirements, we will do our best to meet your needs.

Price and Delivery: Aongking Animal Team will provide a detailed quotation based on the material, size, and complexity you have selected. The delivery time will depend on the scale and complexity of the project, and we will do our best to ensure timely delivery.

Reference project: Aongking Animal Team can provide you with past project cases as a reference to demonstrate our process and design capabilities. This can help you better understand the quality and style of our products.

If you need further information or have any questions, please feel free to contact Aongking Animal Team at any time. Our customer service team will be dedicated to serving you and providing the necessary support and advice.

We show more completed clay artwork statues works. Includes horse statues for sale.

animals clay sculpture

We visualization of animal sculpture production process.

Aongking Sculpture Case Show

Visual Customized Service And Process:

1. Firstly, we can create a 1:1 unique clay mold depends on the design of the animal. Likewise, size or your logo.
2. Secondly, we show pictures or videos of the clay mold to you. If any details need to be fixed. We will modify it till you satisfy.
3. Further, casting bronze statues depends on this clay mold. And, if you need. We can take pictures of an animal’s bronze statue for you. ( For example, wax mold, sand shell, welding… ).
4. Furthermore, polishing, cleaning the surface of the bronze. And, patina color for the sculpture. Likewise, take pictures or videos to you.
5. Standard professional package for you. ( Use a wooden box or iron box. Even more).
6. Finally, shipping the sculptures animal by sea or others. ( Support shipping packages by your agency or you).
7. Waiting for your comment…

  • Casting ” Lost Wax “.

  • Finished animal statues more than 10000 + pieces.

  • Main Decoration Site: Garden, Public Street, Shopping Centre, Zoological Park…

  • You Name Animal, We Can Create Animal Statue.

approval of animal statues 20200

installation of sculpture

  1. Free installation base for you.
  2. Simple, easy for yourself.
  3. Guard against theft. And, select multiple base for sculpture.
  4. Suitable for multiple scenarios.
  5. On the other hand, large sculptures, support on - site installation services.
In short, apply to many scenarios. For example, residential. Restaurants, municipalities. Park & recreation departments. Libraries, resorts, catering halls. In addition, commercial buildings, parks. Moreover, zoos, tourist attractions. Lawn & garden decor. And, any decorative facility.

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