pigeon sculpture

A pigeon sculpture is a work of art that depicts a pigeon, a common bird found in urban and rural environments around the world. Pigeon sculptures can take many forms and be made from various materials, including metal, stone, wood, clay, or even plastic. They are often created by artists and sculptors as a way to celebrate the beauty and significance of pigeons in our daily lives.

Pigeons are sometimes seen as symbols of peace, freedom, and urban life, and their image has been used in art and sculpture throughout history. Pigeon sculptures can be found in public spaces, parks, gardens, and galleries, adding a touch of artistic expression to the environment.

The style and design of pigeon sculptures can vary widely, from realistic and detailed representations to abstract and stylized interpretations. Some artists use pigeons as subjects in their sculptures to explore themes related to nature, urbanization, or the human-animal relationship. Aongking Animal Team also has more bird sculptures for you to choose from.

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