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multiple horse sculpture

Get ready for an animal horse decoration plan for your garden. You can choose any pose and size of horse in Aongking. A variety of poses – standing, walking, trotting, and rearing up… Size 2.0 – 10.0 meters in tall, 10 feet in length… And, as the styles preferred by you changed over time. So, you can send me your preferred horse design. We can custom-made horse art depending on your preference… Here, is a page of horse sculptures online. We believe that every horse sculpture lover should have the right to enjoy a good and affordable one.

The horse sculpture is a good idea for a decorative garden.

Shortly after the domestication of horses, between 3000 and 2000 B.C. The horse played a key role in the expansion of civilization itself, as well as what has been and is, a role in the world of art. History clearly shows this wonderful animal has intrigued the artist as much as the horseman. Horse’s life-size sculptures often appear in artworks singly. As, the amount for an important person, garden decoration, or in teams, hitched to a variety of horse-drawn vehicles.

The horse is a kind of mascot in sculpture.

The equine art is a symbol of unbridled power, we believe that it will be a great decoration for every corner. In We have got different material horse designs. For example, marble horses, stainless steel horses, bronze horses, and fiberglass horses… Whatever Scotland, Australia, and famous horse sculptures. Or, as outdoor decor Arabian horse sculpture… Any type of horse statue you want can be found here. We own a professional engraver team from China. Our sculptor has many experiences in the horse sculpture industry. Choose us you can go to a good bid and suggest.

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Finished Horse Sculpture