Animal Family Sculpture

animal family sculpture Aongking

Through Animal Family Sculpture to show some remembered ‘love’. This is the creation animal family sculpture of Aongking, each group of animal sculptures brings you artistic value.

Lion family fountain decor

Animal Family Sculpture – Lion family fountain decor.

Animal fountain sculpture is becoming more and more common in our life. Many squares have fountain sculptures. Look at Aongking family animal decor lion statues fountain decor for sale. This family animal fountain is made up of three lions. Three lions are sitting on the ground. They look very relaxed. They looked into the distance as if there was something there that attracted them. “This is probably the quietest and most relaxed time for a family”. Lion statues fountain decor for sale is sure to attract more people’s attention.

Animal Family Sculpture – An endangered big family polar bear sculpture decor.

Big family polar bear sculptures for sale can be more than just decorative. It also reminds people to always think about protecting themselves. Otherwise, our children and grandchildren may never see such lovely creatures again. Polar bears have become an endangered animal and protected animal, and their protection has become an urgent matter. Buy Aongking polar bear sculptures and put them in a public place so more people can see this lovely animal.

Polar bear sculptures decor
chestnut arabian horse sculptures family

Animal Family Sculpture – Chestnut Arabian horse sculptures family.

The emoticons are “Meet a family member (‘ love? “Father? ‘)”. You can see they’re all running in the same direction. Show your happiness in one direction. In a direction of surprise. This is the spirit of the sculpture that Aongking sought to retain and display when making the Arabian horse. Mr.Jason calls this love “the joy of showing yourself to the person you love. “ The mother Arabian horse sculpture’s shoulder height is 150 cm.

Animal Family Sculpture – Family elephant statues for yard.
Take a look at the elephant statues for the yard. This is a sculpture of a mother elephant leading her baby elephant. The mother elephant played with the baby elephant. The baby elephant was playing naughty with his mother, and he was ready to tease her with his nose. This is a group of very warm and joyous sculptures. Elephant statues for the yard are perfect for your little yard. You can see the sculpture says “Happy family mother-son play time.”

Family elephant statues for yard
Sweet Family Life Size Sitting on the Ground Bronze Deer Statues for Yard

Animal Family Sculpture – Sweet Family Life Size Sitting on the Ground Bronze Deer Statues for Yard.

Deer statue is often used as ornaments or placed in the landscape. Take a look at our sweet family life-size outdoor deer statues. Father and mother are sitting on the ground, and baby deer and mother are kissing. Put it in your little yard, and bring more warmth and love to your little yard.

Animal Family Sculpture – Outdoor Bronze Family Grey Wolf Howl to the Sky Statue.

Aongking creates Bronze Grey Wolf images and scenes that seem to howl with grief. ‘It’s a scene of a Wolf family who lost a child?’. Bronze Grey Wolf adds a wild atmosphere to the park. Wild animal pictures in the natural world…

Outdoor Bronze Family Grey Wolf Howl to the Sky Statue