bear statue for school

Read the Black copper bear statue for school ornaments.

Part 1: Bear copper statue’s purposes.

Located just inside the school park at East 79th Street. The art of black bear statue is the latest addition to Central Park’s collection of school statues. Commonly called the “Black Bear Statue”.  The animal statue features one huge-sized (tall 300 cm) bronze bear on a ‘stone’ base platform. A surrounding seating area is a perfect place for teachers to watch over adventurous little ones.

Added to the Park of School in 1998. The headmaster Laia bought a copper black bear statue from our company. Art of Metal Bear is the casting decor work to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the school. No stranger to Central School Park. This school also created the Einstein Statue at Playground. The Modern Abstract Gates Decor at the school’s playground. But,  the black bear statue has recently become a favorite…

In 2000, a company modeled a bear statue as individual figures for the Laia. Rainey Memorial Gateway at the school. In 2001, she regrouped the figures to face forward. Another of Bear was cast in 2002. And, stood for over six years on the grounds of the school. But, Laia always thought it was small before looking for us. In 2019 the giant bear came here. Like many of his animal statues. The others are simplified in form. But, the black bear statue with just enough detail to capture the distinctive personalities of the black bear.

Laia tell us :”Our works in her school, there will be a high-level feeling.“

Art decor such as stainless steel sculptures, and animal statues came to characterize modern schools.

Part 2: The black bear statue is the branch of the visual arts. More important is a symbol of strength.

Bear copper statue

Bear copper statue

A new student letter ” Today’s the day I’ve waited a long time for. I’ve been blessed with great parents to help me make this decision. And, along with the best teammates both passed. I would like to thank Coach Harmon for helping me get my exposure in the first place through basketball. Finally, I would like to thank the black bear statue behind me for giving me inspiration and courage after I visited the school. And, it attracts me to visit this school. In fact, I know the school a prestigious by the bronze bear statue. Enough said I’m pleased to announce that I have committed to the school! ”

We have to say. The sculpture is a way to make money. Because it’s a three-dimensional object. A fine mascot statue gets people’s attention. Add its artistry and value. It’s very prominent. For schools and commercial shops, even parks. Please ask us. Aongking can custom-make a mascot statue of an animal depending on your ideas. We have adopted high-quality molds, which can depict the casting works with vivid images.

Bear statue sculpture

Bronze bear statue in 220 cm

life size grizzly bear

Life size grizzly bear statue

garden bear sculpture

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