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Beautiful Elegant Standing Life-Size Bronze Sculpture of a Dodo

sculpture of a Dodo
Description: Take a look at the sculpture of a Dodo. The dodo is a flightless bird found only on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. This bird was discovered by humans only 200 years after the time, because of human hunting and human activities of the impact completely extinct, can be called in addition to the dinosaur one of the most famous extinct animals. If you’re really interested in dodos, you can check out our sculpture of a dodo, The exquisite carving makes it look especially realistic.
NO.: SS-Animal (M316)

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Many wild animals have never appeared in our human vision has quietly disappeared

According to scientific research, there were 2.7 billion species of plants and animals on Earth at the beginning of human evolution. Today there are only 200 million. In particular, for more than two hundred years after the Industrial Revolution, Manchu is the time when most people have just had enough to eat. Over the same period, wildlife extinctions accelerated more than 100 times, with an average of three species going extinct every hour. The extinction of several species in the time it takes us to drink tea has been declared the “sixth mass extinction”, meaning the Earth is heading for a new era. Many wild animals that have never appeared in our human vision have quietly disappeared in the long river of history. Some animals disappear before we can study them, just as we discover them, and others die out without any help in the sight of man. The dodo was one of them. Now we can only learn them through the sculpture of a Dodo.

sculpture of a Dodo

sculpture of a Dodo

To alert more and more people, you can buy sculptures of extinct animals

Mauritius is a rich and beautiful island. Isolated from the outside world for a long time, Mauritius has much unique wildlife, among which the dodo bird is the most typical representative. The dodo is the national bird of Mauritius. Today, portraits and sculptures of the dodo bird can be found everywhere in Mauritius. However, even the inhabitants of Mauritius have mostly never seen the real dodo bird, because they died out long ago. In fact, a long time ago, the eastern fleet arrived in Mauritius. However, no damage was done to Mauritius. Until the Dutch fleet arrived in Mauritius and opened up the maritime trade routes, and Mauritius for farming and colonial plunder. At the same time, the dodo was hunted. A more deadly effect, however, was that they brought in animals such as dogs and cats, which would have been a disaster for the flightless dodo. In less than 200 years, around 1690, the dodo became extinct. Another rare animal that was wiped out, in the same way, was the Mauritius blue pigeon. The increasing number of endangered animals is actually a wake-up call for human beings. After all, humans are at the top of the food chain, and when all animals go extinct, so will humans. To alert more and more people, you can advertise the meaning of protecting endangered animals or buy sculptures of extinct animals. Arouse everyone’s love to protect wild animals. Just like our sculpture of a Dodo. Aongking also has more endangered animal sculptures for you to choose from.

Large Home Decoration Head of the Dodo Statue

Bronze Sculpture of a Dodo

We show more completed clay artwork statues works. Includes horse statues for sale.

animals clay sculpture

We visualization of animal sculpture production process.

Aongking Sculpture Case Show

Visual Customized Service And Process:

1. Firstly, we can create a 1:1 unique clay mold depends on the design of the animal. Likewise, size or your logo.
2. Secondly, we show pictures or videos of the clay mold to you. If any details need to be fixed. We will modify it till you satisfy.
3. Further, casting bronze statues depends on this clay mold. And, if you need. We can take pictures of an animal’s bronze statue for you. ( For example, wax mold, sand shell, welding… ).
4. Furthermore, polishing, cleaning the surface of the bronze. And, patina color for the sculpture. Likewise, take pictures or videos to you.
5. Standard professional package for you. ( Use a wooden box or iron box. Even more).
6. Finally, shipping the sculptures animal by sea or others. ( Support shipping packages by your agency or you).
7. Waiting for your comment…

  • Casting ” Lost Wax “.

  • Finished animal statues more than 10000 + pieces.

  • Main Decoration Site: Garden, Public Street, Shopping Centre, Zoological Park…

  • You Name Animal, We Can Create Animal Statue.

approval of animal statues 20200

installation of sculpture

  1. Free installation base for you.
  2. Simple, easy for yourself.
  3. Guard against theft. And, select multiple base for sculpture.
  4. Suitable for multiple scenarios.
  5. On the other hand, large sculptures, support on - site installation services.
In short, apply to many scenarios. For example, residential. Restaurants, municipalities. Park & recreation departments. Libraries, resorts, catering halls. In addition, commercial buildings, parks. Moreover, zoos, tourist attractions. Lawn & garden decor. And, any decorative facility.

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