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Popular Animal Mascot Hand Carved Stone Tiger Statues

hand carved stone tiger statues
Description: Animal sculpture plays a very important role in our life. Some animals are not often seen in our life, but animal sculpture can satisfy people’s curiosity. The tiger is a very fierce animal, and humans dare not approach it in life. You can have a look at our hand carved stone tiger statues, which are a group of very warm tiger sculptures. The mother tiger is lying on the ground, while her two baby tigers are playing on the mother’s body. Of course, you can touch these tigers closely. They won’t hurt you. These hand carved stone tiger statues are very warm. It is a very good decoration to put in the garden.
NO.: Stone-Animal (M1022)

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Among many stone animals, hand carved stone tiger statues have its shadow…

Among many stone animals, hand carved stone tiger statues have its shadow from ancient times to modern times. Stone tigers have always been revered by many people, and are also a symbol of justice, invincibility, majesty and hegemony. Now we can see stone tiger sculptures in many places. The hand carved stone tiger statues are a auspicious animal, representing good luck and health. It is also a symbol of courage and determination, as well as a symbol of guarding against evil spirits. In China, there are many myths and legends related to the tiger, so the tiger has become a regular customer of stone carving artists. The stone tiger has a powerful and domineering shape. Because the tiger is born to be king, the carved stone tiger also has such power, which makes people feel that the tiger is powerful and extraordinary. Nowadays people still like stone tiger sculpture. Many people like to place stone tigers in courtyards, parks, scenic spots, squares and other places. It is said that stone tigers are placed at the door, which can be used to ward off evil spirits. At the same time, it can also show its domineering and noble identity, and secondly, it can also show the master’s cultural accomplishment. Placing hand carved stone tiger statues at the door can help families live a healthy life under the protection of tigers.hand carved stone tiger statues

The tiger was absorbed by Hinduism and became a symbol of the great goddess 

In the East, people are always in awe of the tiger for its beauty as well as its great strength. Carvings of tigers have been found in caves of the Indus Valley Civilization, which existed 5,000 years ago. Soon, the tiger was absorbed by Hinduism and became a symbol of the great goddess as a means of transportation. In China, the pattern of the tiger’s head is similar to the Chinese character “wang”, which means “king”. Tiger is also a kind of mascot, it can bring you a lot of money. If you want to make a fortune, you can have the hand carved stone tiger statues in your home. Aongking also has many other tiger statues on our home page. If you are interested in hand carved stone tiger statues. Welcome to contact Aongking. Aongking is looking forward to hearing from you.

Statue tiger of malayan tiger

Statue tiger of malayan tiger

Visualization of finished marble animal sculpture:

Show more finished animal clay art statues works:

shipping stone sculpture

shipping stone sculpture

Packing Of Stone Sculpture :

Firstly: Outside wooden in 3CM standard. Inside in plastic or foam.

b. Thick soft foam. Double strong rope fixed inside and outside of the packaging, to effectively prevent the goods from damage.

Customized Experience Of Stone Animal Sculptures:
First of all, As a professional animal nature stone sculpture factory. We can custom made all kinds of products of animals.

Secondly, here, you can find a variety of animals crafts. And, find the most comprehensive animal knowledge of customized.

Visual Customized Service – Process Of Marble Animal Statues:
1.Direct Carving ( Or, Create a 1:1 unique model depends on the confirmed design or from you ).
2.Show animal pictures or videos of the details of the sculpture to you. If need modify. We will modify the details.
3.Polishing for the animal sculptures. Take pictures or videos to yourself.
4.Standard professional package for animal statues.
5.Shipping the sculptures animal by sea or others. (Or, you can shipping packages by your agency) .
6.Waiting for your comment …



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