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Large Outdoor Garden Decoration High Quality Bronze Hippo Statue

hippo statue

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The hippopotamus and its living habits

Despite their size, hippos float easily and can stay in water for more than five minutes. Even the third largest animal on land can run up to 40 kilometers an hour over short distances. After long exposure to the sun, their skin will secrete pink oil, which functions to prevent too much ultraviolet radiation. Hippos live in tropical areas of Africa with abundant water plants. They often form groups of more than 10 hippos, sometimes they can form large groups of hundreds of hippos. Individual hippos are mostly adult males expelled from the herd. They are almost all in the water during the day, eating water grass, daily food intake of more than 100 kg. When water grass is scarce, they go ashore at night to forage for plants or crops. Hippos have a gentle personality and are especially afraid of the cold. They can sneak along the river bottom for 5-10 minutes. During mating season, males sometimes fight, gestation lasts about 8 months, and each litter has one litter. Lactation period of 1 year,4-5 years of sexual maturity, the life span of 30-40 years. Hippos are found mainly in Africa. Nowadays, the hippo statue is also very popular.

The sociological history of the hippopotamus

Hippos have been living on the earth for a long time. They walked the earth 55 million years ago. The hippopotamus’s closest relatives are whales and dolphins. In Africa, there are fossils dating back about 16 million years that have been analyzed on many levels to shed light on hippopotamus evolution. But until 1985, there was no evidence that hippos were unrelated to pigs. It was the shape of the molars that caused this impression. But now that DNA tests have been carried out, there is no evidence of any relationship between pigs and hippos. The latest theory is that the semi-aquatic common ancestor of hippos and cetaceans first diverged from other artiodactyls about 60 million years ago and that hippos and cetaceans formed separate clades about 54 million years ago. One branch that may have evolved into cetaceans probably began about 52 million years ago. Protowhales and other early cetacean ancestors, collectively known as protowhales, eventually adapted to aquatic biochemistry to become fully aquatic cetaceans. Another branch became the carboniferous beasts. This is a large family of quadrupeds, the earliest of which began in the Eocene epoch and resembled skinny hippos with small, narrow heads. All branches of the carboniferous, except those that evolved into the River horse family, died out during the Pliocene, leaving no descendants. Now. Animal sculpture is becoming more and more common in our life. The Hippo statue is also one of the most popular animal sculptures. Take a look at our hippo statues. We also have many other animal sculptures on our home page. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us.

We show more completed clay artwork statues works. Includes horse statues for sale.

animals clay sculpture

We visualization of animal sculpture production process.

Aongking Sculpture Case Show

Visual Customized Service And Process:

1. Firstly, we can create a 1:1 unique clay mold depending on the design of the animal. Likewise, size or your logo.
2. Secondly, we show pictures or videos of the clay mold to you. If any details need to be fixed. We will modify it till you satisfy.
3. Further, casting bronze statues depends on this clay mold. And, if you need. We can take pictures of an animal’s bronze statue for you. ( For example, wax mold, sand shell, welding… ).
4. Furthermore, polishing, cleaning the surface of the bronze. And, patina color for the sculpture. Likewise, take pictures or videos to you.
5. Standard professional package for you. ( Use a wooden box or iron box. Even more).
6. Finally, shipping the sculptures animal by sea or others. ( Support shipping packages by your agency or you).
7. Waiting for your comment…

  • Casting ” Lost Wax “.

  • Finished animal statues more than 10000 + pieces.

  • Main Decoration Site: Garden, Public Street, Shopping Centre, Zoological Park…

  • You Name Animal, We Can Create Animal Statue.

approval of animal statues 20200

installation of sculpture

  1. Free installation base for you.
  2. Simple, easy for yourself.
  3. Guard against theft. And, select multiple base for sculpture.
  4. Suitable for multiple scenarios.
  5. On the other hand, large sculptures, support on - site installation services.
In short, apply to many scenarios. For example, residential. Restaurants, municipalities. Park & recreation departments. Libraries, resorts, catering halls. In addition, commercial buildings, parks. Moreover, zoos, tourist attractions. Lawn & garden decor. And, any decorative facility.

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