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Popular Modern Decoration Mirroe Stainless Steel cow Sculpture

stainless steel cow sculpture
Description: Animal sculpture is becoming more and more common in our lives, which also adds a certain color to our lives. cow sculpture is also one of the most popular animal sculptures. Take a look at our stainless steel cow sculpture. The cow sculpture looks very realistic and is made of stainless steel mirror sculpture. This geometric stainless steel sculpture is a very popular art nowadays. You can put this stainless steel cow sculpture in your garden. Add more life to your garden.
NO.: SS-Animal (M710)
MATERIAL: STAINLESS STEEL (#304 / #316 / #316L)

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Although the cow is not very popular with people, it has a very good symbolic meaning

Are you looking around for the treasures of life? Have you forgotten how to play? Is it time to bond more with Gaia’s mother? As a spirit, totem, and power animal, cows can help! Piglet teaches you how to find gems buried in mud while remaining playful! Although pigs have somewhat contradictory symbolism in modern culture, the ancients viewed pigs in a very different way because the word “pig” was often used in a derogatory sense. Ever wonder why people use piggy banks to save money? Because pigs represent abundance, wealth, and power, and never lack for daily needs. The symbolism of the pig is closely related to that of the wild boar. Wild boar is fierce and tenacious in hunting. Boar is an excellent animal spirit guide here when you have elusive goals or want to stop procrastinating. Pigs are considered to be the most intelligent barnyard animals. They can be trained easily and often more quickly than dogs. Because few people get to spend time with these amazing creatures, they underestimate the piglet’s intelligence. Also, remember that pigs don’t care what other people think. The creature doesn’t worry about who will see how smart they are, or whether anyone will acknowledge its intelligence. The pig just kept plowing and living and enjoying all its simplicity. You can take a look at our stainless steel pig sculpture.

stainless steel pig sculpture

Stainless steel cow sculpture

Let our lovely garden cow sculpture bring you more life

Because the cow ego does not crave the limelight, it achieves its goal under the eyes of those who cannot see this beautiful soul. Also, sometimes, staying out of sight can help you win. Sometimes, it’s better if other people don’t know your motives or see you coming. Earth plane and spirit world pigs rely heavily on their sense of smell. Pigs know exactly how to survive in a changing world and season. This creature can guide you through difficult transitions and rekindle your passion. Not everyone knows about pigs. In Buddhism, the black pig represents one of the three poisons of life: greed, hatred, and delusion. Unfortunately, some religions mark pigs as unclean. Because of these ancient ways of thinking, the pig symbolizes knowing your worth, even if others don’t respect you. If you discover that pigs are your spirit animal, it may mean that your life is about to flourish. While that may mean financial prosperity, it’s not always the case. Pig spirit is associated with the earth element and Mother Gaia, so maybe your garden will grow a lot, or you might suddenly start making a few new web clues. Show gratitude when the gift of this spirit animal is shown. This is not the time to be selfish or overly submissive. The pig said, “You are safe, so share the wealth!” Of course, you can also put our stainless steel pig sculpture in your home, you can let it bring you luck. Put this stainless steel pig sculpture in your garden. Let it bring more life to your garden. We also have many other animal statues on our home page. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us.

Stainless steel animal of dog

Stainless steel animal of the dog

Visualization of the animal sculpture production process

1. Showing the details drawing / 3D mold for your confirmation.
2. Making exact structures according to drawing / your photos/ 3D mold.
3. Cover the stainless steel plate on existing structures.
4. Welding and polishing the surface.
5. Stand up and take all different views pictures/ videos, show them to you.
6. Packing into the iron box after you are satisfied with the sculptures.

stainless steel animals sculpture

stainless steel garden animals sculpture

Style of Installation of animal statues:
option 1> Making metal tubes under animal sculptures. It’s pouring into concrete.
option 2> Screw steel animal on the ground with a screw.
option 3>A iron frame under the metal animals sculpture, and so on.

stainless steel animals sculpture install style

package and shipping for animal sculptures

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